Susan Farrell


Susan has a Bachelors degree (mastering in Computer Science, Pure Mathematics), a post grad diploma in Counselling, an Advance Practitioner and Certification IV in Coaching. She is a qualified NLP Practitioner, trainer and facilitator.

Susan has her own successful consultancy business, with over twenty years experience in facilitating organisations, existing and emerging leaders, teams, small business owners and individuals through transformational change, across many industries. Susan established her coaching practice initially through a franchise.

Susan brings a unique difference to her client’s coaching journey; the marrying of her corporate and personal development skill set and experiences.

Early 2008, with her clients’ interests foremost, she founded Bluebird Coaching. Her clients now have a faster way to achieve their goals, by empowering them through coaching, facilitation, guidance, tools and structure.

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Life Coaching

Life coaching is a conversation like no other. We are 100% certain you have all the answers, you may not have thought of the question to ask yourself yet, or you may have avoided the hard questions. We support, guide and facilitate you to find then integrate those answers into you’re the many areas of your life, so you can live the life you were meant to live.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching is a combination of Life Coaching, theory and knowledge, stories, insights and guidance based on experience, brainstorming solutions and ideas and training in advanced leadership skills. The sessions directly related to situations you are currently experiencing within your manager, your team, your project, your organization. You will be able to implement and integrate what you learn directly into your role whether that is in an organization or your own small to medium size business.

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Specialist Expertise

Life Coaching

  • One to one coaching
  • Couples and family coaching
  • Group coaching - 10 week closed groups (2hrs per week)

Executive and Leadership coaching

  • One to one coaching and mentoring
  • Training's and workshops in communications and cultural management
  • 12 week advanced tele-class series (project management, change management, leadership skills)

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Life Coaching

We look at the results you are getting and the values, beliefs and behaviours leading to those results. We then explore what you would rather have, in the following areas of your Life, and how to get there:

  • Health
  • Significant other (romance, relationships)
  • Friends and family
  • Finances (money)
  • Career (direction, purpose, passion)
  • Fun and recreation
  • Personal growth
  • Environment

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Executive and Leadership Coaching and Mentoring
IT Industry

  • Program managers
  • Project managers
  • Team Leaders

Change Management (Organization Wide)

  • Training managers
  • Communications Manager
    -Internal communications
    -External communications (including media releases)
Cross Cultural Management

Advanced Leadership Skills

  • Management support within small to medium businesses
  • Corporate Managers: existing and emerging leaders

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Grief and Loss

Most of us know grief and loss when someone experiences the loss of a person who has passed away. However to some grief and loss is very real in other parts of their lives. Loss of a job, loss of a pet, loss of a friendship, rejection from a job interview or other request, etc. When we have invested time, energy and emotions into something, then the disappointment of rejection, loss of that object, person, animal can be very real to us and it may not mean they are lost through death. Whatever your loss we can provide you with the support and understanding you need.

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“I would like to highly commend Susan for her tremendous work in helping me focus and achieve my goals. As a business owner, I was fairly sceptical of how a coach could really help. However, working with Susan has quickly lifted my performance by clearly setting goals and following through on weekly action plans. I have applied her tools and techniques to a second area of my business and have already gained an increase in sales orders. Thank you Susan!”
Peter P Managing Director (Recruitment industry)

“I wanted to thank you for everything that I have gained from your coaching. Your skills, knowledge and life experience has helped me to unlock my mind, and realize how much this world has to offer.

I now have a clearer vision and pathway for my business and personal goals, and a structured skill set for continual growth. I am a stronger person now, and honestly much more different to how I thought I would be when we started. I am very grateful that we were introduced!”
Jen L (Real Estate)

“I can't thank Susan enough for her dedication and passion for coaching, which has empowered me as a Manager and challenged me to achieve more then I ever thought possible for myself.

As a new Manager 12 months ago, I always thought I was doing everything the right way. I found I needed to make changes to the way I managed others. Improving my ability to coach my team to achieve their own goals has resulted in a better team of people and a more successful studio. Since I started my sessions with Susan the session numbers of the studio and results from my team have increase significantly.

Through Susan’s coaching I have created a major impact not only in how I manage Vision’s personal training studio but also in my life as well. Her coaching has enabled me to get one step closer to the life I want to live and has also helped me to discover what I really want out of life.

She has helped me to understand myself better, increase my potential with my goal setting and also help me to make successful changes and keep me accountable to doing this. One of these changes is to have more time for myself, which I know is one battle a lot of people find hard. Now I have achieved this. Thanks Susan.”
Mitchell W, Manager (Vision - Personal Training Studio)

“Does Life Coaching work? I can tell you it does! Sue with her exceptional wealth of knowledge, mastery of NLP and vast experience in personal development has transformed my life. I now feel more confident about decision making, more in control of my life and more accepting of myself. My relationships are working better and I am more resilient to life's ups and downs. I have a new found freedom and I am a happier person. Thank you Sue!”
Maria B

"During a period of high stress, due to rapid change and growth, Susan led initiatives to raise the level of communication throughout the organisation, greatly improving inter-team relationships. Susan coached and mentored a group of emerging project managers with humour, patience and experience, easing their transition into their new roles."
Darryl W, Managing Director, (IT Industry)

“My time with Sue enabled me to gain focus in my life, deal with my past, understand my behaviour and plan for a productive and satisfying future. Absolutely invaluable.”
Julie H (IT Recruitment)

“Sue was recommended by a friend. Sue gave me the tools to explore my values and the decisions I was making based on them. Now I have a clear and balanced roadmap for my career. With her encouragement, I make small and sometimes significant changes each day to help me attain expertise as an IT Projects Reviewer. If you are thinking about coaching, just give it a go. Sue will be the best investment you have ever made!”
Lokesh V, (IT Industry)

"Susan’s attitude and approach to coaching is an inspiration. She is able to employ all of her experience and training to allow her clients to maximise their strengths and achieve their best. Susan is truly committed to helping her clients reach their goals by teaching them the strategies that get results… strategies that work."
Michael B, Health Industry – Academic & Research

"Susan has the ability to truly listen and then guide me to find my own answers, my own path to success. Within weeks I was able to achieve goals I never thought I would set for myself, let alone attain. Susan had the insight required to guide and the optimism to inspire me to achieve my goals."
Gail Brennan (Health Industry)

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Appointments and Consultation Times

Monday to Friday

Session start times are 9am, 10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 3pm, 4:30pm, 6pm

Sessions can be face to face, by phone, or by SKYPE (so distance is not an issue)

Sessions last 45 minutes to an hour

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